Storage platform Single and Super Single bed With Shelving and Drawer

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Product Overview

Melamine Particleboard (MFC) Space-Saving Bed with Built-In
Size : L 2500 mm x D1500 mm x H 900 mm
If you wish to maximize every square feet of your home, opting for a
platform bed is a great way to save space.
Besides the usual storage allocation in the platform steps, you can also
build your open display Shaving as a part of your platform bed,
leaving you more room to move around.
This space-saving Display open Shaving can be incorporated
seamlessly using the exact same material and finishing as your
platform bed.
The Safe Eco-Friendly Material for Your Bedroom
In terms of material, we recommend using the Melamine Particleboard
(MFC), which is a wonderful substitute for the commonly used laminate
plywood, veneer, or even natural wood.
Unlike most of the furniture in the market (which uses the cancer-
causing formaldehyde adhesive), the Melamine Particleboard uses
the proprietary Air Safety Glue Technology that helps the bonding of
wood panels with limited formaldehyde release of less than 1.5mg per
liter (fulfilling the stringent European E1 Standard of emission control).
The Melamine Particleboard is also odorless, and does not cause any
irritation to the eyes and nose.
In terms of installation, this material is safe and ready for assembly right
away, unlike the conventional laminate plywood which still requires
some post-production work before installation.
This directly translates into faster installation with less manpower,
which means more savings and earlier project completion for you.
And besides giving you the natural tactile quality of real wood and the
aesthetic of veneer, the Melamine Particleboard is also a long-lasting
material that is resistant to scratches, abrasion, steam, cracks, heat,
stains, and even cigarette burns (Reference: British Standard EN

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