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Our Mission

Arimokko is on a mission to create a sustainable home prioritizing people and the environment. We are committed to innovation, functionality, and environmental responsibility in everything we do. 

Our Vision

We aim to build a better tomorrow for all by making every space we touch a more functional and sustainable place to live.




The Beginning

It all started with Urban Deco, a Singaporean Enterprise Mr. Don Lim built to provide interior decoration services for residential properties in Singapore. With his unwavering commitment to fast reaction, care, and responsibility, Mr. Lim has led Urban Deco to a fascinating success — earning the trust and loyalty of customers across the city-state.


Expansion to Commercial Renovation Projects

With the commitment to provide their customer faster, more customized services, and affordable prices, all without compromising quality, Urban Deco established its first 700 square feet carpentry workshop at Sungei Kadut with four skilled workers.


Expansion to Commercial Renovation Projects

Urban Deco has already built its reputation and success in leading residential projects. This made them expand its business into commercial renovation projects in Singapore.


Continuous Company Growth

Urban Deco offered comprehensive interior design and renovation services in full swing. They started focusing on integrated interior designs to help clients bring their brand image to life. They hired interior designers and built their construction team to cater to the increasing service demand. They also established a more extensive workshop in Mandai Estate. This shop covers an area of 1,600 square feet.


The First Showroom

Urban Deco continued growing its design team, opening a 1,400 square feet showroom in Jurong East and attracting the attention of large corporations. This was exemplified by its successful transformation of the brand image of the popular local clothing chain store, "This Fashion." With its talented team of designers and commitment to its client's brand image and business sustainability, Urban Deco became one of the trusted partners in the industry.


The Birth of Renovator Hub Pte. Ltd.

Renovator Hub Pte. Ltd. was born. This marked a complete transformation from residential to commercial interior design and renovation. Renovator Hub's commitment to conceptualizing brand image was further strengthened. They continued operating their carpentry workshop to provide more affordable, speedy, customized services. The company's sales revenue exceeded 1 million.


The ‘New’ Showroom

Renovator Hub quickly gained momentum as a Singaporean interior design and renovation firm, propelled by its reputation and commitment to excellence. The company expanded its presence by establishing a new showroom in Rochor Centre.


Relocation with a Larger Team

Renovator Hub relocated to Eunos with a larger team of skilled workers and talented designers. This is to provide excellent and unique services all while upholding their commitment to the philosophy of fast reaction, care, and responsibility, as well as their brand conceptualization ideas.


Embarking an International Journey

Renovator Hub is now taking a journey toward becoming one of ASEAN's well-established and well-known commercial renovation brands. The company underwent a major reform to maintain its competitive edge in the industry. With a focus on the "renovation for brand" ideology, Renovator Hub established itself as every business’s choice of commercial interior design and renovation services in Singapore and soon throughout ASEAN.



RH Design & Build Pte Ltd created Arimokko, a specialized subsidiary in commercial interior design and renovation projects. Arimokko, a carpentry production department, is dedicated to designing and producing modular system cabinets using eco-sustainable materials. The company also provides contract manufacturing services to the carpentry industry.

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  • Ari in Japanese means ants 蟻 Mokko in Japanese means woodworking 木工
  • Our logo features carpenter ants because of their unique nesting habits inside the wood. They create intricate galleries in dead, damp wood using their mandibles without consuming them the way termites do. Carpenter ants may also hollow out sections of trees and commonly infest wooden buildings and structures.

our core values

The values that guide our actions, decisions, and interactions with our valued customers.


We value eco-friendliness and prioritize the health and safety of our customers. We must ensure good indoor air quality in our homes for our family's health and safety, especially now that we spend 90% of our time indoors.

Arimokko focuses on using our signature material, Melamine Particleboard, for your furniture and fittings. The following are reasons why we use this material to provide you with eco-responsible storage solutions:

  • Melamine particle board has an E1 standard, emitting safe and lower formaldehyde levels than other materials.
  • This board is sturdy and stable, which means it won't bend easily due to changes in temperature or the environment — maintaining its quality over time.
  • Melamine particle board is made from recycled wood, which reduces waste and promotes environmental sustainability.
  • Lastly, our cutting-edge fabrication techniques eliminate the need for post-production lamination or painting, reducing our environmental impact.


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Angus Teo

"Materials used is definitely top quality as the manufacturing and building is all done by them. So they are able to have a high standard of quality control from start to finish. Would recommend this interior design firm. Friendly and professional!”

Angus Teo

Sze Qian

My experience with the company has been really good, Don gave lots of patience to us while we were communicating on the concept of the customised furniture we wanted. He also respond swiftly when we requested for changes or had any queries on the discussion details. Thank you for the great service! greatly recommended!”

Sze Qian

Michael Xie

“Great services by Arimokko. Manage to deliver on time even during circuit breaker, bought 4 built in wardrobe from them, great quality. Highly recommended”

Michael Xie

Vic Chong

“Value for money! Especially they are using eco friendly and low odor material. Very responsive! Highly recommended! ”

Vic Chong

Kee Geok Suan

“Don was recommended by a friend for the replacement of my kitchen cabinet. Indeed, Don is very professional and patient, he understands my requirement and provided practical suggestions. Highly recommended company.”

Kee Geok Suan

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